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Building a Better Future with Hearts, Minds & Dreams


Welcome to Hearts, Minds & Dreams

Hearts, Minds, and Dreams Educational Consultants™ believes in the transforming potential of education. Our purpose is to equip schools to provide educational opportunities for all students to grow and realize their full potential.


Our skilled team of educators is dedicated to increasing reading outcomes in schools and eliminating generational school failures. We collaborate with schools and teachers to improve literacy instruction by taking a heart-centered, data-informed, and eclectic approach to teaching and learning.

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We provide a variety of services to help schools improve, such as school culture building, literacy instruction development, leadership development, and new teacher development.

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Dr. Linda Green's unwavering dedication to education and literacy development demonstrates her commitment and enthusiasm for assisting others.

Her approach to education consulting is one-of-a-kind, data-driven, and heart-centered, with a focus on empowering school communities to achieve long-term positive reading outcomes that can impact the lives of students and their families.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide educators and school communities with the tools they need to achieve long-term positive literacy outcomes for all students.

Assist the development of critical literacy skills in children

We believe in a heart-centered approach that combines data-informed strategies and eclectic instructional methods

Bridging the Literacy Divide and Enhancing Future Adult Literacy Standard Beyond Grade 6

We are dedicated to closing the literacy gap in our country and raise the bar for literacy instruction beyond the sixth grade level.

Nurturing Confident Communicators, Learners, and Engaged Citizens

Our work is driven by the belief that all children deserve the chance to reach their full potential as confident communicators, continuous learners, and active community participants.

Our Approach to Education

Hearts, Minds, and Dreams takes a heart-centered, data-informed, and diverse instructional approaches to education that is adaptable and responsive to changing pedagogical trends.

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Hearts, Minds, and Dreams takes a heart-centered, data-informed, and diverse approach to education that is adaptable and responsive to changing pedagogical trends. 

The goal of the consulting is to empower school communities to emphasize literacy development and to foster a coherent and supportive environment that leads to long-term positive literacy outcomes. To build a literacy-centered culture, Hearts, Minds, and Dreams employs a strategic school improvement system, a communication development system, and a writing teaching approach. Through a Transformational-Servant Leadership focus, the consultancy also provides professional development for teachers, leaders, and other teaching personnel staff, and parents, in creating an immersive and engaging educational setting.


Empowering Teachers: Developing Teachers for Transformational Change

Hearts, Minds, and Dreams recognize teachers’ critical role in molding young minds and developing the genius within that will open doors to their destinies. We invest in their growth and development by providing the necessary instructional tools and mentoring or coaching support. We can empower our children and communities to create a better future by empowering our teachers.


Leading the Way: Investing in Leaders for Student Success

By offering heart-centered, transformational-servant leadership development, Hearts, Minds, and Dreams invests in leaders’ development who will contribute to their school’s improved academic outcomes and overall school performance. The consultants assist principals and assistant principals in becoming effective leaders capable of developing a literacy-centered culture that prioritizes student success through mentorship and coaching. Hearts, Minds, and Dreams is able to empower schools and districts to achieve long-term good literacy outcomes while building a culture of lifelong learning and community participation by investing in leaders.


Clear Goals, Clear Path: Prioritizing Objectives for Student Success

We will partner with school communities using our “Hearts, Minds, and Dreams Strategic School Improvement System” to create an individualized comprehensive action plan that aligns with the school's specific needs and goals that promotes the development of a literacy-centered school culture. Our strategy includes a continuous cycle of improvement that ensures that the school is on pace to fulfill its objectives and that every student can attain their full potential.

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Building Bridges: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Education

Hearts, Minds, and Dreams Educational Consultants encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion in their educational approach. The company understands the need of building inclusive learning settings that promote diversity while also providing equitable chances for all students to develop. Their services are intended to assist schools in developing a culture of respect and inclusion that develops a sense of belonging in all pupils.


About Dr. Linda Green

Dr. Linda Green, often known as the Alchemist Educator, has worked in education for over 31 years as a Contemporary Transformational-Servant Leader.

Her passion for education, as well as her belief in its ability to extend human potential, impact lives, and develop new ideas for leading and learning, drove her preschool-8th grade journey. Dr. Green has held many roles in urban school settings during her career, which have molded her views and ideals on successful teaching and learning.

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Dr. Green launched Hearts, Minds, and Dreams Educational Consultants™ after retiring from the NYC Department of Education, through which she continues her transformational-servant leadership work in the education area.

Hearts, Minds, and Dreams' mission is to assist districts, schools, and teachers in their quest of educational opportunities that enable all children to grow and achieve. Dr. Green's objective is to create long-term positive literacy results in schools that will eliminate generational school failures and shift the trajectory of our adult literacy rates.


Dr. Green contributes her educational and professional journeys in helping frame her current ideologies about school reform, literacy development, and educational leadership. She believes in a strategy that integrates heart-centered, data-informed, and eclectic instructional methods in a synergistic way. The Hearts, Minds, and Dreams consultants hope to empower school communities to improve literacy instruction and to foster a coherent and supportive atmosphere that prioritizes literacy development as a school-wide endeavor.

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Dr. Green's educational consulting services include school reform and culture building, as well as literacy instruction expert development and leadership development.

Her innovative approach, which combines Science of Reading and Balanced Literacy, integrates communication skill abilities to lay the groundwork for future communication success. As a NAESP Nationally Certified Principal Mentor, principals and assistant principals can profit from her Transformational-Servant Leader approach to leadership.

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