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Building a Better Future with Hearts, Minds & Dreams

Learn more about how our programs can help your school foster a culture of literacy. 


Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide educators and school communities with the tools they need to achieve long-term positive literacy outcomes for all students. We warmly support adult stakeholders in embracing a dynamic and adaptable approach, thoughtfully responding to the ongoing changes in education and teaching methods.

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Assist the development of critical literacy skills in children

We believe in a heart-centered approach that combines data-informed strategies and eclectic instructional methods

Bridging the Literacy Divide and Enhancing Education Beyond Grade 6

We are dedicated to closing the literacy gap in our country and raise the bar for literacy instruction beyond the sixth grade level.

Nurturing Confident Communicators, Learners, and Engaged Citizens

Our work is driven by the belief that all children deserve the chance to reach their full potential as confident communicators, continuous learners, and active community participants.



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Hearts, Minds, & Dreams' services help create a supportive environment that prioritizes literacy development as a school-wide initiative. They provide school improvement services, culture building, and literacy content expert development to promote a culture of literacy in schools.


Hearts, Minds, & Dreams Educational Consultants provide a range of tailored services to empower school communities to enhance their literacy instruction, build a culture of literacy, and foster leadership development.

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School Improvement

Hearts, Minds, and Dreams Educational Consultants assist schools in establishing a cohesive and supportive atmosphere that stresses literacy development as a school-wide program.

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Literacy Content Expert Development

Hearts, Minds, and Dreams Educational Consultants provide Foundational Literacy courses that teach students the skills and information they need to become excellent readers and writers.

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Leadership Development

Hearts, Minds, and Dreams Educational Consultants provide a Transformational-Servant Leader Leadership strategy.

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New Teacher Development

Hearts, Minds, and Dreams Educational Consultants assist new teachers in developing immersive classroom settings that engage students in the teaching and learning process. 

Our Approach to Education

Hearts, Minds, and Dreams takes a heart-centered, data-informed, and diverse approach to education that is adaptable and responsive to changing pedagogical trends.

Empowering Education: Investing in Teachers for a Brighter Future

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Leading the Way: Investing in Leaders for Student Success

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Clear Goals, Clear Path: Prioritizing Objectives for Student Success

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Building Bridges: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Education

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Explore Our Blogs

Check out some of our blogs below to learn more about our perspective on education and how we intend to make a difference.


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Priscilla Williams-McDougal


Dr. Green played an integral part in helping JHS 275 meet the criteria in Literacy so it could be taken off the School Under Registration Review list. Dr. Green is a life-long learner. She is a dedicated, self-motivated, innovative literacy coach and an exceptional education consultant who works well with all stakeholders in your school: staff, parents, and students. She meets her deadlines on time. Dr. Green will be an asset to any school or organization that hires her.

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